Alibaba local delivery service on the road
Alto is building the world's most patient-centric pharmacy.
Woman working on vehicle programming in production facility

Shared Vision, Amplified Ambition

Supporting a full-stack AI technology ecosystem

We believe the global transition to an AI economy, realizing the next generation of life-changing advancements, requires innovation across a 'full stack' of technologies
Investing in the raw compute power essential to the AI Revolution. From Arm's chip architecture to Agile Robots' advanced robotics to Wiliot's sensor technologies, this is the foundation of AI innovation.
Where data meets processing power to create, analyze, and monitor at the developer level. From Labelbox's suite of AI modeling tools to Copado's capabilities in digital transformation, this is the engine of AI development.
Powering billions of interactions every day, the applications layer is where AI interfaces with the consumer. Whether it be customized entertainment curated by ByteDance, personalized e-commerce through Coupang, or the ability to create original images using Picsart, AI is enabling next-generation human interactions.
Couple in New Delhi, India looking at computer together
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We believe the most meaningful impact requires patience, and a long-term, scalable vision

Policybazaar is making insurance in India fair, transparent, and sustainable.

Aerial photo of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
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We believe that market leadership requires deep courage—from founders and the investors that back them

Beike is using technology to bring reliability and transparency to China's real estate market.

Masayoshi Son
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We believe constant evolution is our most powerful competitive advantage

Masayoshi Son is leading SoftBank Group.

SoftBank Vision Fund Grab Delivery
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We believe great companies are made greater by the company they keep

Grab is driving Southeast Asia forward by improving quality of life for everyone.

SoftBank Vision Fund Bytedance
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We believe that a founder’s ambition determines a company’s potential

ByteDance is enabling people to discover and create a world of content powered by technology.

SoftBank Vision Fund Roivant
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We believe in the transformative power of technology

Roivant is rapidly developing innovative medicines through a novel form of industrial organization in R&D.