Social Impact

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Our Vision
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Our Social Impact Vision

We envisage a future where the world’s most extraordinary companies are working together to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. The technologies we are investing in have the potential to profoundly benefit society through radical improvements in products and services, reduced costs, and improved efficiency. Our strategy comprises five areas of focus.
Social Impact Categories: Measure, Portfolio Company Initiatives, SBIA in the Community, Strategic Partnerships, Governance.
Our Approach
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Our Approach

Our portfolio companies often work together to create mutually beneficial business opportunities. Now, we’re mobilizing the collective scale and resources of our ecosystem to deliver similarly impactful social benefits. Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we believe we can accomplish much more together than alone. We are open-minded about the causes we support and agile and adaptable in our approach to generating the greatest possible impact.

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Our Partners
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We are delighted to partner with 2030Vision, an initiative founded to propel technology forward to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By working in partnership with the Global Goals 2030Vision aims to enable all people to live their lives to their full potential by 2030.

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We are proud to be partnering with UNICEF on the GIGA initiative, a program to connect every school to the internet. We believe wholeheartedly in the capacity for connectivity to expand opportunities for children around the world, which is why we are particularly excited to work with the UNICEF team on this powerful initiative.